To help! Please help find this lost engagement ring in Tom River, NJ

It happens and it’s just a horrible feeling, losing something. But, imagine if this is your engagement ring.

It happened to a Bayville couple while dining at the Fortune Buffet in Toms River a few days ago. I can’t imagine losing my engagement ring. It just means the world to me and put yourself in this couple’s shoes. Can you even imagine?

They were at Fortune Buffet at Toms River celebrating their grandfather’s birthday. When Laura got home, she found that she was only wearing her wedding ring on her left hand and no engagement ring.

Laura, Bayville

Laura, Bayville

Laura and her husband returned to the Fortune Buffet parking lot and called the buffet and no ringtone. the Fortune Buffet is located at the Marquee Cinema Mall on Rt. 37 in Tom River.

Laura and her husband live in Bayville and hope you can help them find him. Please look at the ring and maybe you saw it in the parking lot, or at the buffet if you ate there. It’s a possibility that he fell under a table, weird things can happen, you never know.

I wrote to Laura and told her I wanted to help her because I knew my listeners would want to help. If you know someone who recently found an engagement ring in Toms River, please contact us. Every time we publish an article where something is missing, you take action and make it happen. Let’s help this couple. If you have any ideas that could help this couple or if you have seen the ring, let us know.

I can’t thank you enough for your help and I know Laura and her husband will appreciate it too.

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