Tying your typical bride? AMARIS has the perfect wedding jewelry for New Age brides

Start a journey of lifelong relationships and lots of shine with AMARIS by Prerna Rajpal

Amaris by Prerna Rajpal, an extraordinary jewelry brand that truly believes, “A happy bride is the most beautiful bride of all”! In keeping with AMARIS’ heritage, the brand aims to empower the bride to be comfortable in her own skin and create jewelry based on her personal style that not only puts her in the spotlight, but also leaves show his individuality. Brightly colored gemstones, sophisticated stackable bracelets, versatile earrings and aesthetic necklaces, each piece is as priceless as the bride who adorns it.

So ring the magic of summer with the New-Age Bride AMARIS this wedding season!

Prerna Rajpal, Founder of AMARIS by Prerna Rajpal, has exclusively selected versatile jewelry for New-Age brides to adorn during their wedding festivities.


Be bold with carved tanzanite and uncut ‘Haar’ diamond. Strung with pearls and clusters of shimmering tanzanite, the wonderfully blue necklace is a classic and timeless piece of heirloom jewelry. Pair the necklace with a Tanzanite Hour bangle bracelet handcrafted with the finest shade of tanzanite stones using the AMARIS by Prerna Rajpal heritage technique of ‘Uttrai’ work and polki set in a gold geometric frame. Wear it alone or buy it as a pair, this beautiful bangle will add the perfect touch of quirky modernism to your festive wardrobe.


Light on the ears and festive on impact, the Mughal Trio earrings were inspired by designs and shapes from the Queen’s era. Creating drama with a gradient effect, these 3-tier earrings center on the vibrant shades of Colombian emeralds, shining through round diamonds. Start the festivities with a Tanzanite Symphony choker featuring a majestically carved Tanzanite in the center, surrounded by rough, round diamonds and delicate emeralds used on the sides.


Dance the night away with the Starburst Bracelet, set in hallmarked 14k gold and adorned with the finest fancy shaped diamonds. Pair it with the Zambian Reverie ring, set in hallmarked 14k gold, adorned with an 18k Zambian emerald and pear-shaped diamonds. And make a dramatic entrance with the Rainforest Necklace, set in hallmarked 14k gold, adorned with Zambian emeralds, fancy shapes and round diamonds.


The AMARIS Heritage Ruby necklace is designed to make you feel like a princess on your big day. Keeping in mind the traditional roots of AMARIS, this necklace is handcrafted in hallmarked 18k gold and polki with a Mughal design adorned with the finest rubies to add the finishing touch! A Trousseau staple, AMARIS highly recommends a classic Navrattan bangle in every bride’s trousseau, and it’s been revamped with a twist! Adorned with a geometric round diamond border, which contains the finest handcrafted Navrattan stones and uncut diamonds, this bracelet will never fail to add that extra sparkle to your wedding look.


The prettiest palette of sculpted rubies and emeralds come to life in the Ruby Edit necklace and earrings! Trimmed with a delicate polka dot border to enhance its lovely teardrop shape, this necklace will steal the show on its own at your wedding reception.

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