Uber Runaway Bride Proved Women Can Have Both

Over the past few years, many Indian women have proven that career and marriage can co-exist for women, and that their priorities in life should be based on choice, not long-held social stereotypes.

In 2021, Shivangi Bagthariya from Rajkot sat down for her university exam wearing her bridal attire. Bagthariya, a student at Saurashtra University, was faced with a difficult choice when one of her tests fell on her wedding day.

The family revealed that they initially thought about postponing the wedding but then decided to just delay it for a while so the bride didn’t have to miss a crucial exam. A photo of Shivangi Bagthariya, dressed in her bridal attire and jewelry, later went viral on the internet, and the bride and her family were applauded for ensuring she didn’t lack education for good. of his marriage.

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Indian women today spare no effort to let society know that a woman does not have to set aside her professional aspirations for her married life, even if it means multi-tasking on the big day. All she needs is a strong support system and she wouldn’t have to see her marriage or her exams as two separate choices, but simple chores that fall on the same day.

A recently released advertisement by mobility service provider Uber captures this indomitable spirit of the Indian bride. Here we see a bride hopping on an Uber Moto to navigate narrow lanes and congested roads so she can reach the exam room in time.

The stories of Indian women like Shivangi Bagthariya should be celebrated widely as their journeys bear witness to all the changes they bring to society, the benefits of which are reaped by the next generation of women. And that’s why Uber celebrates ambitious women who know the challenges ahead, but aren’t afraid to take them on.

The article was published in collaboration with Uber India, on #ChalPado and #GoGetIt.

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