Unique marriage: the bride donated a kidney, the groom had one 2 years ago | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: Abhinav and Asha from Uttarakhand were linked in a one-time marriage on Friday. They both have kidneys. The bride had donated her organ to her brother, while the groom received a kidney two years ago. This is a rare event as most have inhibitions about a normal future life and prefer a healthy person for marriage, doctors say.
“In 2013, my sister donated her kidney to me. She has been leading a normal life since then, ”said Heera Daspa, brother of the bride. Initially, there was reluctance in the families. The families contacted the transplant surgeon who had operated on both the groom and the bride.
“I tried to allay their fears because it is okay to raise a family after marriage. They were convinced and agreed to enter into marriage ties, ”said Dr Priyadarshi Ranjan, a kidney transplant surgeon at a private hospital in Mohali. He said: “In 15 years of my career, I have not met such a couple who consented to marriage. Usually, due to a lot of misinformation, these patients do not prefer to marry someone who has been a donor or a recipient.
Abhinav and Asha were kidney recipients and donors respectively from their sister and brother. “When my sister had surgery, after 6 years, Abhinav was advised for a kidney transplant. He took our advice and went to the same doctor where I had my transplant done, ”Heera said.
The couple’s marriage should be exemplary and help to dispel myths about organ donation. Dr Ranjan said: “The act will also motivate other patients. When the couple come to our house, we will organize a reception for them. They ignored the myths and stepped forward to be an example. ”

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