UP Bride slaps groom twice on stage after he garlanded her, video goes viral

In a bizarre development, a bride slapped her husband-to-be just as he put a garland on her. According to a report by NDTV, the incident took place in Hamirpur in Uttar Pradesh. In the viral video, the stage looks set for the wedding. The couple in wedding attire are surrounded by family and friends. On the dais, the groom proceeds to garland the woman adorned with a red sari and jewels. But suddenly the bride slaps the groom twice. The confetti cannon goes off at the same time. Watch the video here:

“के हमीहमीपुम ममंं केदुलल केलल कंवलंवलंवल ोदूलंवलंवल ोदूलंवलही ही्हह ोोो …

The NDTV report said the two sides reached an agreement after family members intervened.

In a similar incident this year, a Tamil Nadu man slapped his bride-to-be for dancing at a wedding. The woman then married her cousin. Before that, she had slapped the groom. The incident took place in Panruti of Cuddalore district. A daughter of a well-known businessman, who runs a beauty salon, was engaged earlier and the wedding was due to take place at a private wedding hall next to Panruti on January 20. At a wedding ceremony on January 19, the bride arrived at the venue, dancing with her loved ones. The groom, who did not like the way the bride arrived, argued with her and asked her why she did it. Eventually, the argument turned into a heated verbal clash that led to the groom slapping the bride. The wife also slapped the groom back. Seeing this, the father of the bride was furious that the groom had dared to slap his daughter in his presence. The father of the bride had discussions with his relatives and decided to marry his daughter on the given date to his cousin from Villupuram’s Gingee.

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