Viral: Bhopal bride dances to gypsy in her own baraat : The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, February 2

A video showing a bride dancing on a gypsy’s bonnet while taking out her baraat (bridal procession) has gone viral. Bhawna, Bairagarh’s bride in Bhopal, danced to her husband’s house to the cheers of onlookers. Some even joined in the celebration by dancing to popular Bollywood songs. The video of a delighted Bhavna, dressed in bridal attire, enjoying her wedding procession with much fanfare, is winning praise for breaking stereotypes.


According to reports, the bride had insisted that she would only marry if she was allowed to withdraw the treatment when she married. Her father, reluctant at first, fearing the reactions of his relatives and his community, willingly gives in to his daughter’s request.

In the Hindu tradition, it is the groom who arrives at the bride’s house or at the wedding venue with a baraat. But Bhavna, an IT professional, is happy and believes she is the first in Bhopal to have bucked tradition by going to her in-laws to pick up her fiancé.

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