Watch: Adorable video of bride having momos before wedding ceremony will make you go Aww

It can be said that Indian weddings are tantamount to celebrating a festival. There are a variety of traditions and customs at every Indian wedding that can last for a week. As a result, we find ourselves attending back-to-back parties and getting tired. But more than us, these functions often also weigh on the bride. She not only has to look stellar for every ceremony, but also has to handle the preparations side by side. Over all of these things, a bride’s hunger pangs can become quite real. And when hunger strikes, a bride is always looking for delicious food to satisfy her hunger! Recently, such a video of a bride indulging in a delicious plate of momos made the rounds on the internet. This adorable video caught the attention of many.

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In a video uploaded by the bride herself @ayu_sheeee, she is seen fully dressed for her big day. The bride is adorned with jewelry and a stunning lehenga. As the bride waits for the ceremony to begin, she sits with a plate of momos in front of her. Later in the video, we see her taking a bite of it. She adorably goes into a happy dance with excitement when she eats the momo. Take a look at the full video here:

Isn’t that too cute? Since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 594K times, has 23.9K likes and received many comments! One person reacted to her video saying, “Bas yahi jiwan hai (that’s life) and many others said how cute the bride is.

Apart from that, some people also commented on her happy dance. One person said, “I like the way she started dancing at the end, kinda cute.” Another said, “That little dance dance, you can’t be this cute. It’s ok to kill your husband with your cuteness but not us!”

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Many others also tagged their friends in the video and commented that it could be them on their wedding day.

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