Wedding dress confusion sparks search for second bride | News

GREAT WHITE, Mich. (WJRT) — After the wedding, many brides have their dresses professionally cleaned and packed, then put away hoping that one day another bride in the family might want to wear it.

That’s what a local woman did nearly 40 years ago, only to discover when she finally opened it that the dress was not the one she wore on her wedding day.

“Well I got married in July 1982 and on my honeymoon my mum took my dress to Perfect Cleaners in Grand Blanc to be cleaned and kept. And when it’s done you’re not don’t have to open the box because the preservation will be lost,” said Kim McInerney.

She’s been wearing this box for nearly 40 years now.

“My youngest daughter is getting married in June 2023, and she was interested in looking at my veil. So, I opened it and took the fabric off and said, it’s not my dress,” did she say.

McInerney’s husband speculated that she may have remembered the dress differently.

“He said, What do you mean it’s not your dress? I said, it’s not my dress. And he said, Well, take it out of the box. . Maybe you don’t remember. And I said, No, I think I remember what I wore on my wedding day. It’s not my dress. No, it’s not. It’s not, mine was cathedral length so it’s much longer,” she said.

Realizing that it is a long time, she knows the importance of returning this dress to its rightful owner.

“It would be great if we just had each other’s dresses, I would love to find my dress, but right now it’s more important to me to find the owner of this dress. And I know if she already has it opened and realized it wasn’t her dress, the disappointment she must have felt,” she said.

She said how exciting it was to open the box, then recalled her own disappointment when she didn’t see her own dress.

“My wedding day was the best day of my life. And I know looking at the pictures I remember all the happiness and love from that day. And I was hoping that if we find the owner of this dress no matter what life has in store for her that she may have that moment when she remembers her day and all the love and happiness she felt,” he said. she declared.

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