‘You forced him to buy an engagement ring because you got pregnant’ Singer Davido’s alleged babe ridicules Chioma

Vanessa, the alleged girlfriend of sensational Nigerian singer Davido, has trolled her baby mum Chioma Avril Rowland as she makes shocking revelations.

In a post shared on her Instagram story, Vanessa revealed that Chioma coerced Davido into marrying her as she forced him to buy her engagement ring after she got pregnant.

According to Vanessa, Chioma had vowed not to attend Davio’s concert at the O2 Arena, but she conspired with her blogger friend to enjoy every moment on the jet and in London to post on her page.

Vanessa also described Chioma as a fake girl, noting that the same jet that brought Davido’s entire family and children to London made it seem like it was all about her.

Vanessa added that Chioma was going to get married and get tired because she would regret getting herself into all the trouble.

In her words: Keep forcing a man to marry you like you forced him to buy that engagement ring because you got pregnant, lord of the rings… Women never force a man to marry you or you
wear this ring for 10 years.

You don’t want to be seen in the O2 yen yen but you have planned with your blogger friend to take every
moment of you on the jet and in London to post on his page if you want to keep him warn you
won’t be comfortable with it. Fake girl, the same jet that brought the whole family and their moms
with their children. You give the impression that it’s about you. You’ll get married and get tired, you’ll regret getting yourself into all this mess.

All these fake accounts in my name are not me, if I need a fake account I will choose another one
name and not Venessa, all I mean, I will use my real account, but can you do the same? Because you want people to talk good about you, but everyone in the family and the cries knows who you are, so keep fooling people until the gist of it comes out.

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