Young & Restless preview: Noah interrupts Mariah and Tessa’s engagement party

Mariah receives surprising news about her brother.

In one Young and restless preview for the week of January 31-February 4, Tessa and Mariah’s engagement party may be hitting a snag. Read on for the details and watch the teaser video.

Since returning to Genoa City, Noah has been helping his ex Tessa with her music career. Meanwhile, not only are her ex and her sister Mariah considering adopting a baby, but they’ve officially gotten engaged. They quickly set a potential date for the wedding in the spring and joked that they should start planning before Sharon and Faith take over the whole event.

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However, before they could even begin to tackle wedding preparations and begin the adoption process, Noah opened up to Mariah. After seeing Mariah propose to Tessa after recreating their first date, a drunken Noah hinted that he was still carrying a torch for Tessa. He later apologized for his outburst, hoping it wouldn’t make things awkward, and insisted he just wanted to move on.

The next week, Tessa confides in Mariah that Noah admitted he still had feelings for her. Mariah was stunned, but the party still has to go on. Sharon, Nick, Devon, Amanda and others reunite to celebrate Tessa and Mariah’s engagement. However, as Sharon toasts the happy couple, Noah interrupts her with an announcement to make!

Head to the comments with your best guess of what Noah is going to reveal. Also, be sure to read the Young & Restless spoilers to find out who Michael gives the third degree to. Then, before you go, check out a gallery of iconic characters from classic soap operas of the past.

Video: Young and restless/Facebook

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