Zindagi Mere Ghar actress Aana Esha Kansara talks about her engagement to Siddharth Amit Bhavsar

Actress Esha Kansara recently got engaged to singer-musician Siddharth Amit Bhavsar. Zindagi actress Mere Ghar Aana is beaming with joy as she shares her engagement after three months of waiting. In an interview with ETimes, she talked about finding her better half and planning her wedding.

Speaking about her engagement, Esha shared, “We had to wait a lot for our engagement. On the first date where we decided to get engaged, we all had COVID, in the third wave. Then we decided on another date but unfortunately I had a death in my family and then the third time something else happened. So every time we tried to get married, something happened. But anyway, ab jaa ke ho gaya. We were both overwhelmed as we had been waiting for three months to get engaged.

Sharing the details of her marriage proposal, Esha said: “On New Years Eve I knelt down and proposed to Siddharth with a ring. Both sides of the family were on video call, with our friends. But the funny thing is, I forgot my speech and was so absorbed in the moment that I didn’t realize he had said yes. Later I had to ask him if he said yes.

Talking about the wedding details, Esha said she can get married tomorrow but now they both want to focus on work. She added, mentally they are both married, but they will take their time.

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